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Living with a PacemakerVivir con un marcapasos

Living with a Pacemaker

You can usually do almost everything you did before you got your pacemaker. One of the things you might do is exercise, which is a great way to improve your health. Also, see your doctor regularly to help ensure that you remain healthy and feeling good.

 Carry an ID Card

Show ID card to security

  • When you first get your pacemaker, you'll be given an ID card to carry.

  • This ID card contains important information about your pacemaker. Show it to any doctor, dentist, or other medical professional you visit.

  • Because pacemakers tend to set off metal detectors, you may need to show your card to security personnel.

What to Avoid

Man on cell phone

  • When using a cellular phone, hold it to the ear farthest from your pacemaker. Don't carry it in your breast pocket, even when it's turned off.

  • Avoid very strong magnets such as those used for an MRI or in hand-held security wands.

  • Avoid strong electrical fields such as those made by radio transmitting towers, ham radios, and heavy-duty electrical equipment. A running engine also makes an electrical field. Avoid leaning over the open hood of a running car.

  • Call your doctor if you experience any symptoms, such as dizziness or palpitations, from any of the above.

What's Okay

Woman using a microwave

  • Microwave ovens and other appliances that are in good repair.

  • Computers, hair dryers, power tools, radios, televisions, stereos, electric blankets, vacuum cleaners, heating pads, and cars are all okay to use.

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